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    Dom – Edge of Time

    December 29th, 2020

    Dom - Edge of Time

    Dom was a krautrock band that was more obscure than your first pair of socks. They made a personal appearance on Earth–more precisely Dusseldorf, Germany–from 1969 through the early ‘70s and recorded a really captivating and incredibly nice-sounding folk / psych / electro-acoustic merger in early 1972 called Edge of Time. According to the liner notes, Dom was also “the name of an acid trip you could stay on for nearly two days. You will hear this influence throughout the tracks.” Since they only recorded this one album, let us take a blow-by-blow look at it, shall we? 

“Introitus” begins with a flowing atmosphere of gorgeous acoustic guitar picking and strumming, and some really brain-massaging flute and tablas that are all very beyond right on. About four minutes along, the music suddenly dissolves into an abstract collage full of cymbals, bells and hectic electronic static panned to and afro. Some sparse, somber organ notes are then sustained, joined later by nice acoustic guitar strums that fade in, then percussion. After the organ takes a nose-dive, there is a sudden stop. 

A pensive organ field with subtle disruptions opens “Silence” and slowly segues into more supremely mellow, distant, atmospheric jamming with some nice inaudible muttering.

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