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    The Keffer Family – Tales of the Mushroom People

    March 4th, 2013

    The Keffer Family - Tales of the Mushroom People

    As head of the Poison Pie Publishing House, David Keffer has spent years writing novels, poetry and stories, and filling the noggins of netherworld nutcases with in-depth knowledge of Japanese avant-musician Keiji Haino over at the Unofficial Keiji Haino Website. Now he has teamed up with his family to produce the book Tales of the Mushroom People, a story of an epic search and rescue mission complete with a classic battle of good vs. evil. This war is not faught by actual humans, of course, but rather adorable, colorful, fanciful, felt fingerpuppets called Mushroom People bearing names like Doomshroom, Moonshroom, Roboshroom, Freakshroom, Plumeshroom, Strawshroom, Snowshroom, Crystalshroom and Myxomycetes.

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