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    William Hooker + DJ Olive + Z’ev + Somebody + Crib at Spaceland

    September 2nd, 2008

    Los Angeles, California
    Saturday, August 17, 1996

    Crib consisted of one man on solo electric bass who let another haze of dark, pulsing minimal drone slowly spray out in all directions. Very nice. Somebody (sorry, the band’s real name escapes me) was a guitar, bass and drums trio in which each member also played keyboards. Their take on noisy, quirky “rock” was fairly interesting. As an aside, this stopping between songs stuff has to, itself, stop. For 20 years now, Z’ev has been pounding scraps of metal into submission. Tubes, pipes, homemade gongs, sheet metal, etc. were all activated into a long, continuous trance tone played with soul and good percussion sense. William Hooker went off on his free drum / soundfield / poetry rants as DJ Olive backed him up with some nice, scratch / spin / smear noise ’n’ chaos efforts, which all formed another mesmerizing whole that went on a little bit longer than the last American history lecture you snored through.

    Note: This article originally appeared in Lou Zine (Lou’s Records newsletter) in August 1996.