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    Christian Zanesi – Stop! L’horizon; Profil-Desir; Courir

    July 31st, 2008

    Christian Zanesi - Stop! L'horizon; Profil-Desir; Courir

    Christian Zanési (1952) is a younger composer who has been active with the GRM since 1977 after studying with Pierre Schaeffer and Guy Reibel. He is “a pure studio composer, a ‘sound sculptor.’ His music, which is inscribed and elaborated in the stereophonic environment, aims at establishing via loudspeakers a physical connection with the listener: that vibrant, organic being.” “Stop L’horizon” (1983) is a classic-sounding late-night storm of swirling buzzes, loud knocking, a lawn mower starting, and chirping; with plenty of sped-up voices, deep wind-tunnel echoes, “slot car” whizzing, echo-knocks, shimmering drones and airplane dive-bombs. “I have the very distinct feeling that music is only a ‘grand noise’ and that its interior is sculpted in a thousand details. It opens like a living organism to let my hearing wander around in it.”

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