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    Bryce Dessner + So Percussion – Music For Wood and Strings

    December 17th, 2015

    Bryce Dessner + So Percussion - Music For Wood and Strings

    Okay, first of all, on the one sheet for this Music For Wood and Strings CD provided by the label, Brassland, it says the piece was commissioned by Carnegie Hall, yet it premiered at Zankel Hall. What the heck? That is totally confusing. How dare you puzzle me like that! How dare you! Being an affluent elderly gentleman sporting a grey ponytail and corduroy jacket with elbow pads who owns five mansions, a private jet, eight cars and four yachts, I am totally entitled to have everything in the universe work out perfectly for me at all times, which includes understanding every word I read–especially on one sheets. I want my money back! I’d like to speak with your manager! I’m totally kidding. How charitable of Carnegie, actually, for donating this piece to Zankel. Or is Zankel part of Carnegie? The world–except for me–will always know!

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