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    John Myers – John Myers’ Blastula

    February 5th, 2023

    John Myers - John Myers’ Blastula

    John Myers is an ethnomusicologist, composer, conductor and guitarist whose main claim to obscurity is joining fellow composer Glenn Branca’s ensemble of massed electric guitars. On his lone 1996 CD, John Myers’ Blastula, John offers up four pieces for an electric guitar quartet vaguely reminiscent of some of Branca’s greatest works. Chock-full of powerful, dark sprays emanating from hovering storm clouds and man made rhythmic thunderheads consisting of killer riffs and expansive drones, this CD EP clocks in at only 20 minutes, and thus surely won’t bore the uninitiated. I personally wish they would’ve stretched it out a lot further. Alternately-tuned guitar drone freaks take note: this release is definitely for you.

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