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    Rudiger Nuchtern – Amon Duul II Play Phallus Dei

    February 8th, 2009

    Amon Duul II Play Phallus Dei

    This is the DVD debut of a rare 16 mm art film featuring soon-to-be krautrock legends Amon Duul II fucking shit up back in 1968 right before they recorded their first record. It’s a gloriously minimal aural and visual treat comprised of footage from one stationary camera on a tripod that captures the band wailing away in front of a churning psychedelic backdrop. Additional simple scenes that range from a slow sunrise to dark, pastoral landscapes passing by are occasionally peppered into the mix to form a beautiful organic whole.

    Awash in grainy film and crude lo-fi sound, the band starts out their 25-minute long jam with some subtle, moaning ambience, then quickly make their way into various stages of a shambling, improvised rock maelstrom and drum jams of a very tall order. They pretty much go completely nuts on guitars, bass, drums, violin, tambourine and the most shrill, tweaked vocal and horn abstractions. Incredible. The package comes complete with a beautiful eight-page booklet of stills from the film and informative liner notes. And hey, it was a hit at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 1969, so now you know you gotta see it. Warning: Fans of slick, professional productions should definitely steer clear of this release.

    Label: Repertoire Catalog Number: REP 3017 Format: DVD Packaging: Clear plastic case Tracks: 1 Total Time: 28:00 Country: Germany Released: 2003 More: Last.FM, Official, Wikipedia