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    Alto Stratus – Psychosis

    January 21st, 2008

    Alto Stratus - Psychosis

    Forming in the early 1980s and still active in 2008, Alto Stratus is one of the many musical outlets of British brothers Alan Freeman and Steve Freeman, authors of a book on krautrock called The Crack in the Cosmic Egg and the publishers of Audion, an experimental music magazine. Released in 2002 on the band’s 20th anniversary and clocking in at 76:22, Psychosis seems to favor the number two and stretches the limits of CD length. (Although the format’s ultimate boundary is 80 minutes, a program duration of 74 minutes or less is normally advised by pressing plants.)

    These eight lengthy minimal-yet-maximal tracks are chock-full of deep, droning ambience by way of multiple layers of reverb-drenched cello, looped sound fragments, murky fuzz guitar, eardrum-piercing cymbal scrapes and about a baker’s dozen of other aural scalpels that will not hesitate to do a nasty number on your knoggin. And it comes all wrapped-up in a nice, three-panel, four-color booklet with a unique twist: each track is visually represented by its very own psychedelic artwork! Very nice. Recommended for insomniacs who enjoy smoking dope all night. *Alto Stratus also records secretly as The Newt Hounds, but please don’t tell anyone!

    Label: Ultimate Transmissions Catalog Number: UTCD 011 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 8 Total Time: 76:22 Country: England Released: 2002 Related Artists: Endgame, The Newt Hounds, Zircon and the Burning Brains