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    Daniel Goode – Eight Thrushes in New York

    Daniel Goode - Eight Thrushes in New York

    “Daniel Goode is a New York-based composer and clarinetist who is the co-director of the Downtown Ensemble, a core member of Gamelan Son of Lion, and an important and early minimalist.”–Frog Peak. Eight Thrushes in New York is a collection of four pieces that span three decades–from 1969 to 1998–of devotion to clarinet and wind instrument playing. Hailing from 1998, the most recent piece, “Eight Thrushes, Accordion and Bagpipe,” starts out slowly and quietly with keening bird calls via one clarinet, eventually joined by other wind instruments as some subtle, sour bagpipes drone away in the background. Around the 17 minute mark, a bit of impassioned singing is thrown into the mix. Near the the end of the piece, which extends to well over a half-hour, the performers kick up quite a ruckus. Recorded in 1969, “Coeur d’Orr” proffers a rich organ drone from Harold Budd, topped off with a wildly keening clarinet courtesy of the composer. “There was something inside of me then, yearning to be free. This performance released it.”–Daniel Goode. “Clarinet Improvisation” from 1970 is a continuation of the previous piece, minus the organ, while “Mockingbird” from 1976 closes out the disc by indeed mocking a bird. Overall, it’s safe to say these four pieces present an interesting collision between birdsong and minimalism, and provide a strangely sustained listening environment for fans of both categories.

    Label: Frog Peak Music Catalog Number: FP010 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 4 Total Time: 64:06 Country: United States Released: 2002 More: Frog Peak Music, Official, Kalvos Damian

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