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    Tropical Storm Tour: Bali Video 6

    A small island measuring just 69 x 95 miles nestled between Java and Lombok in the vast archipelago of Indonesia, Bali is covered with lush jungles, rice terraces, mountains and beautiful beaches, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Some come for the Sun, sand, surf, and world class resorts and spas, while others enjoy the predominantly Hindu culture that is celebrated daily with highly evolved dance, gamelan music, art and architecture.

    Tropical Storm Tour: Bali Video 6 starts off with a few quick scenic views in and around Ubud and Purah Tanah Lot, followed by a women’s gamelan practice at Ubud palace and a music / dance performance by a Kamoro tribe from Papua. The video ends up delving inside beautiful Balinese Hindu temple ceremonies at Pura Dalem Taman Kaja (followed by an unrelated procession up Jalon Suweta), Penestanan and Pura Dalem Bentuyung Sakti in Ubud, plus Pura Dadya Pasek Gelgel and Pura Penataran Pande in Peliatan.

    For tons of photos and a detailed travel journal, visit the Tropical Storm Tour page.

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