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    Berger Rond – Un Doux Rêveur Dans. Homme Sauvage Dit.

    Berger Rond - Un Doux Rêveur Dans Homme Sauvage Dit

    Like a rotting burger submerged in a stagnant pond, the music of Berger Rond is composed of just the type of sonic gastro-intestinal chaos that instantly repels most people. Well, I’m not like most people, so I welcome with open arms the Berg’s special efforts to crumble up reality like a paper ball, throw it away, take a nap, wake up, fetch it back out and unfold it to reveal an ever-expanding map of Planet Weird. We’re talking deeply unpretty, lurching, start ‘n’ stop seizure music of a fairly tall order. Recognizable instruments like cello, cymbals, drums, piano, violin and xylophone get layered with banging musique concrete-like sounds to form fractured rhythms and melodies. Then the whole mess gets sprinkled with myriad layers of random blats, bleats and homely French singing to push it a little bit further out. It’s the perfect wedding music, if your bride is a duckbill platypus and the reception takes place inside a house of mirrors in an active volcano on an asteroid that’s about to crash into Jupiter. Think Caroliner mashed up with Pierre Henry and you’re getting warm.

    Label: Freaky Waves Format: CD-R Packaging: Slimline CD Case Tracks: 4 Total Time: 53:01 Country: Canada Released: 2010 More: Last.FM, The Sixty One, Official, This Great Society, WTFMusic, YouTube

    Text ©2011 Arcane Candy

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