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    Tropical Punch Tour: Myanmar Part 14

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010
    Yangon, Myanmar

    Disembarking from an Air Asia jet in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Another travel day started out with a little more painfully slow Myanmar Internet, then the myriad of strange and colorful sights and sounds that can besiege you in Southeast Asia worked their magic. Around 3:00 p.m., as I climbed into a taxi cab with two Frenchies, a random procession of novice Buddhist nuns chanted as they slowly paraded down the street in front of the Motherland II Inn. I quickly dug my camera out of my backpack to get a shot. A little bit later, I was bummed I had packed my camera away again when we passed a couple of guys hauling a dozen dead chickens tied to each of their bicycles. Immigration out of Myanmar and back into Thailand went smoothly, and I caught a city bus back into Banglamphu, a 45-minute ride away, for only a dollar! Donna Guest House didn’t have any single rooms open, so I found a slightly dirty one at Nat II Guest House down the alley. It’s pretty amazing how well the Southeast Asia travel / accommodation infrastructure works–if you stay on the beaten path.

    Roll over photos for captions.
    All words and photos ©2010 Arcane Candy.

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