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    Susan Fancher – In Two Worlds

    “Susan Fancher is known for her deep and poetic musical interpretations. Her work to develop the repertoire for the saxophone has produced dozens of commissioned works, as well as published transcriptions of music by composers as diverse as Josquin Desprez and Steve Reich. A much sought-after performer of new music, she has worked with a multitude of composers and has performed in many of the world’s leading concert venues and contemporary music festivals. Susan Fancher is a regularly featured columnist for the nationally distributed Saxophone Journal and an artist for the Vandoren and Selmer companies. She teaches saxophone at Duke University.”

    In Two Worlds features seven electro-acoustic pieces that Susie has been playing over the past decade. On this album, she brandishes a great, big palette dabbed with a full menu of colors that range all the way from melodic to spacey, from sad to squiggly, from delayed to dry and back again. With these sounds, she accompanies, reacts to and inspires a collection of electronic settings that swing back and forth between crazy baroque-like runs to more placid moments, from hectic synth stabs to candle-lit drones. A myriad of rhythmic concrete sounds, including rattles, tapping, plastic echoes–and even some good ol’ squeaks, skitters and squawking birds—make themselves known. Close listening to this album rewards the listener with music that is very yummy, but somewhat of a challenge to consume, kind of like a Jolly Rancher.

    Label: Innova Catalog Number: 736 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 7 Total Time: 68:58 Country: United States Released: 2009 More: ACF Music, Discogs, Duke University, eMusic, Napster, Official, 153, YouTube

    Text ©2010 Arcane Candy

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