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    ArthurFest 2005 at Barnsdall Park

    Los Angeles, California
    September 4-5, 2005

    Arthur is a 1960s-influenced contemporary counterculture magazine who put on an arch eclectic two-day music festival called, appropriately enough, ArthurFest on Labor Day weekend in 2005. Featuring over 40 disparate artists on three stages for two whole days, it was way too much eye candy and ear mess for one human paper towel to absorb! Ranging from acid-folk to noise to psych to electronica to punk to drone to rock to jazz, the music was played on the huge Lawn Stage, the tiny Pine Stage (both of which were outdoors) and the large, indoor Barnsdall Gallery Theater simultaneously at all times, which made it pretty much impossible for any one person to experience much more than a third of it. Following is a photo essay featuring all of the fish I caught.

    Sunday, September 4

    Dos at ArthurFest 2005.
    Mike Watt and Kira Roessler, also known as Dos, hugged the small crowd around the Pine Stage with their dueling bass guitars.

    Circle at ArthurFest 2005.
    In the Barnsdall Gallery Theater, Circle went shirtless and charged through a set of galloping rock ‘n’ roll.

    Lavender Diamond at ArthurFest 2005.
    Lavender Diamond belted out some melodic songs of peace and love.

    Pole at ArthurFest 2005.
    Pole manhandled the electronic gadgets and conjured up a whole mess of corroded electronic dub.

    Sunburned at ArthurFest 2005.
    Sunburned Hand of the Man ambled around the Park Stage and offered a big afternoon crowd a taste of free-form cacophony.

    Merzbow at ArthurFest 2005.
    The spirit of Robert Moog watched Merzbow tear the Barnsdall Gallery Theater a new blowhole with his all-consuming electronic noise.

    Sonic Youth at ArthurFest 2005.
    Sonic Youth closed day one on the Park Stage with an all-out noise rock fest that stoked the giant crowd.

    Monday, September 5

    Jack Rose at ArthurFest 2005.
    The quiet acoustic drones of Jack Rose were effortlessly set aloft from the Pine Stage by a gentle afternoon breeze.

    Brad Laner at ArthurFest 2005.
    Inside the Barnsdall Gallery Theater, Brad Laner stirred guitar, noise electronics and a humorous, mind-bending video into a tasty psychedelic stew.

    Earth at ArthurFest 2005.
    Earth impressed rock fans and geologists alike with their slow, tectonic riffs.

    Growing at ArthurFest 2005.
    Growing’s blissful, textural noise rock sprouted like a weed.

    SunnO))) at ArthurFest 2005.
    Drone doom metalists Sunn0))) shook the foundations of the Barnsdall Gallery Theater, then tipped over the venue’s huge speakers when the sound cut out.

    Full Schedule

    Sunday, September 4

    Lawn Stage: Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, The Black Keys, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Wolfmother, Radar Bros., The Night Porter
    Pine Stage: T-Model Ford, Josephine Foster, Lavender Diamond, Winter Flowers, Viking Moses, Nora Keyes, Dos
    Barnsdall Gallery Theater: Brightblack Morning Light, Merzbow, Pole, Six Organs of Admittance, Magik Markers, Circle, Residual Echos, Geronimo

    Monday, September 5

    Lawn Stage: Yoko Ono, Spoon, The Juan Maclean, Comets on Fire, The Olivia Tremor Control, Dead Meadow, Future Pigeon
    Pine Stage: Cat Power, Devendra Banhart, Vetiver, Marissa Nadler, Jack Rose, Young Jazz Giants
    Barnsdall Gallery Theater: Sunn O))), Growing, Earth, Brad Laner, Modey Lemon, Fatso Jetson, Time Flys

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