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    Keiji Haino with Boris – Black: Implication Flooding

    Keiji Haino with Boris - Black: Implication Flooding

    As far as CD music length goes, Keiji Haino never rips you off. Here’s another 73-minute pile-up of really long hair blast. Japan’s father of sonic hurt feelings teams up with an outfit of young upstarts on nine tracks marked with Haino’s recently developing penchant for increasingly lengthy titles. The most smirk-inducing one is “Offer it All Up, Our Madness, That Will be Crushed on This Land That Has Come to Be Called Chaos Unzipped.” A deep red cover with black, silhouetted amp skyscrapers looming ominously foreshadows the sourness and heavy feel of this CD, which is comprised largely of rock band instrument feedback carnivals. Some sections of subtle “rocking” can be found buried in the debris, with others not rolling at all—just coalescing billows of overblown amp hassle.

    A couple of exceptions include track one, in which a nice, long, throbbing, electronic sruthi box drone with low-moaned vocals–sounding alot like the So, Black Is Myself CD–eventually unfolds until Haino’s screaming and Boris’ smashing drums, percussion and feedbacking drone guitars kick in. Track six, as well, features a similar effect from Boris with Haino wailing away on an ethnic oboe. The main man then switches over to his patented guitar roar on the last three tracks, with the eye-of-Jupiter-storm thickness of number nine, especially, sure to be best-loved by everyone down at the office.

    Label: Inoxia Catalog Number: IXCD-0002 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 9 Total Time: 72:40 Country: Japan Released: 1998 Related Artists: Fushitsusha More: Forced Exposure, Official, Poison Pie, PSF, Wikipedia

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