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    Fushitsusha – A Death Never To Be Complete

    Fushitsusha - A Death Never To Be Complete

    Fushitsusha easily maintain their position as Earth’s most-deserving of your dollars with two 1997 full-length CDs on the Japanese major label Tokuma, which appeared simultaneously with the Keiji Haino solo CD Keeping On Breathing and the duets with Derek Bailey called Drawing Close, Attuning. Don’t worry, though. The fancy, well-lit office support hasn’t affected the band’s non-commercial approach one little bit. The result is just better recording quality—this time captured at Moat studio in London, November 1996.

    “Just As I Told You” is a short intro with repeated bass and drum jolts and a quiet, warning guitar off in the distance that suddenly explodes into the spare, plodding drums and bass of “Though It Went So Well?” with guitarist Keiji Haino freely spackling the patented, slow-motion, sustained trance-scramble with supreme, effects pedal warehouse heaviness that only he is capable of imagining—let alone mustering. No one else has ever approached the rock band format even vaguely in this manner.

    A quivering delicacy hovers about during the half-hour-long centerpiece “That Which Is Becoming To Me,” which also erupts into feedback-marked, guitar soul-wail after 14 minutes. The piece then clouds into more mild ambience again 10 minutes later. “Continue To Be” operates in a very similar artery with way mellow shimmer that volcanoes into additional giant feedback cereal after 10 minutes with the mix volume cranked way up for the last few seconds. Stark drum and bass pound hold together “A Death Never To Be Complete” as Haino alternately screeches his throat raw and offers blasts of trebly, overblown guitar. The disc closes with “Hermitage,” a quiet and melodic waft of pleasant pastries—a perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea.

    The booklet interior contains three live shots of the band on a really spacious stage, plus a portrait on the back. The covers of the booklets of all four Tokuma Fushitsusha titles are pretty much identical–blank black covers with the band name written small in Japanese characters down the middle–so you better pay really close attention to the catalog numbers.

    Label: Tokuma Catalog Number: TKCF-77014 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 6 Total Time: 68:40 Country: Japan Released: 1997 Related Artists: Keiji Haino More: Forced Exposure, Official, Poison Pie, PSF, Wikipedia

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