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    Fushitsusha – 1991.9.26

    Fushitsusha - 1991.9.26 19:15-20:08

    This is a medium-quality, 53-minute video document of a live performance at La Ma Ma in Tokyo on September 26, 1991. It was shot on one camera only, which barely ever pans, capturing Fushitsusha as they shatter through seven or eight different sections of guitar neck-strangling, feedback-improv of the most feelings-foiling kind. The band only rocks out once with a way-detuned version of track two from disc one of the Live II set. The remainder of the material sounds pretty much fresh to my ears, and it comes sheathed in an all-black cover just like the CDs.

    Label: PSF Catalog Number: PSFV-1 Format: VHS, DVD Packaging: VHS case, DVD case Tracks: 1 Total Time: 53:00 Country: Japan Released: 1992 on VHS, 2006 on DVD Related Artists: Keiji Haino More: Forced Exposure, Official, Poison Pie, Wikipedia

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