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    Francois Bayle – Morceaux de Ciels + Theatre d’Ombres

    July 12th, 2008

    Francois Bayle - Morceaux de Ciels + Theatre d'Ombres

    Large, black, beautifully simple brush strokes are splayed across a delicate haze of pink and yellow on the double fold-out digi-pak of this new volume—François Bayle’s best cover artwork so far. “Morceaux de Ciels” (1997) is the most recent work available from this composer and is largely low-key and brooding when compared to the more frenetic, air-filled chaos of much of his previous output. “One of the remarkable features of this magnificent piece lies in the fact that it often moves in four-track blocks; and always, initially, in pairs. As a result, the listener, aware of an overall sound over four poles, finds himself with no alternative but to mentally reduce to one source the turbulent sounds he hears on four tracks. François Bayle may be compared to a watercolorist who provides an infinite number of nuances but refuses, in the midst of his experimentation, to set things down in a definitive state.”–Gerard Denizeau. “Theatre d’Ombres” has been reissued here from the out-of-print Volume 2.

    Label: Magison Cycle Bayle Volume 12 Catalog Number: MG CB 1298 Format: CD Packaging: Digi-Pak Tracks: 3 Total Time: 65:10 Country: France Released: 1998 Related Artists: Luc Ferrari, Bernard Parmegiani, Pierre Schaeffer More: Electro CD, Forced Exposure, Official, Wikipedia

    Francois Bayle – Theatre d’Ombres + Mimameta

    July 12th, 2008

    Francois Bayle - Theatre d'Ombres + Mimameta

    Even more complex and detailed than Erosphere, this rare, out-of-print CD contains two pieces from the late ’80s that are the most shining displays of virtuosic electro-acoustic sound manipulation from the master. “Théatre d’Ombres” (1987-89) is a 39-minute piece in two sections. A single note blown into an acoustic wind instrument takes us into a quivering dream world of echoing, reverberating and skittering sound fabrics. “This story is about sound-characters at grips with space—beneficient or maleficient space, spaces which resist, rough spaces or smoothly harmonious spaces. One of the sound characters acts as the hero. Will the listener identify with him? Probably. And for the hero to remain as he often is in stories, he will have to undergo trials and crossings, transformations and combats, metamorphoses related to magic objects. So I searched among the magic peculiar to image-sounds—i-sounds—for new methods of micro-editing, moulds or sieves applied to different kinds of materials, creating internal implicit relations. The victory, if it is one, will require the listener-hero to move ‘behind the image’ into the region of ‘white shadows,’ i.e. that place of serenity where the human shadow becomes transparent. Let us call that transparency silence—the moment when the energy contours, no longer acting on the phonic materials, seem to have a hold on attention itself. A moment’s thought, whereupon: silence. An angel passes by. But could it be the shadow of a doubt?”—François Bayle. “Mimaméta” (1989) is a much shorter 11-minute workout full of very resonant bell-like timbres, synth drones, reverberated knocks and much more chiming freedom—all sustained for maximum cortex-massaging pleasure.

    Label: Magison Cycle Bayle Volume 2 Catalog Number: MG CB 0291 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 2 Total Time: 50:48 Country: France Released: 1991 Related Artists: Luc Ferrari, Bernard Parmegiani, Pierre Schaeffer More: Electro CD, Forced Exposure, Official, Wikipedia