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    Charles Gayle + William Parker + Rashied Ali – Touchin’ on Trane

    May 26th, 2011

    Charles Gayle + William Parker + Rashied Ali - Touchin' on Trane

    The first time I heard Charles Gayle, I actually saw him, too, at a live show he headlined in San Diego back in 1996. Word was floating around amongst the spaghetti, I mean cognoscenti that Mr. Gayle was enjoying the fruits of a proper national tour brandishing the torch of 1960s free jazz, after suffering through years of homelessness. All human heads in the small but packed house that night got completely incinerated by an infinite amount of molten noodles emanating from Charles’ gale force breath blown through a smoldering sax, as he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ briefly in between tracks. Aside from the latter, the program on this excellent CD is quite similar, cleanly recorded five years earlier in late 1991. Occasionally, the maelstrom subsides to let William or Rashied take a mellow, soulful solo.

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