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    William Albright – Music for Saxophones

    Punk band Fear once “sang” that New York’s all right if you like saxophones. The same could be said of this CD, which an all-sax outfit called the Prism Quartet completely crams full like a sardine can with a four-layer burrito of complex compositions that resemble the most prickly improv. The 15 tracks hungrily chomp their way through a variety pack of approaches. In “Fantasy Etudes,” intricate runs filled with squeaks and squawks alternate between moods that run the gamut from jelled-up-hair-spiky to placid as a pond. The University of Michigan Symphony Band joins in on “Heater” for a rousing piece of big-band-inspired swing that dissolves into a field of obstuse dissonance in which the Pink Panther goes awry.

    There is also a track called “Pit Band” for alto sax, clarinet and piano that turns on a wooden nickel from one place to another. In “Doo-Dah,” three saxes offer up a field of held tones punctuated by bouts of chaos. The program closes with the multi-part “Sonata.” In part one, an alto sax and piano descend into a pile of low, rumbling riffs. Part two turns more lyrical and melodic, while three dishes out a helping of complex cartoon music, four turns all pensive, and the final section shuts down the disc with an urgent, driving and dramatic closer. So, what does it all amount to? A fine CD of challenging music by the American composer, pianist and organist William Albright (1944-1998). If you like saxophones, you’ll have nothing to fear.

    Label: Innova Catalog Number: 687 Format: CD Packaging: Jewel case Tracks: 15 Total Time: 79:57 Country: United States Released: 2007 More: Answers, Bach Cantatas, Derek Bermel, Discogs, Last.FM, New Music Box, Wikipedia

    Text ©2010 Arcane Candy

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